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Hotel Chevalier by Wes Anderson (Short Film)

Are you running away from me?
I thought I already did.
What ever happens, man, I don’t wanna lose you as my friend.
I promise, I will never be your friend.
No matter what…ever.
We fuck and I will feel like shit tomorrow.
That’s ok with me.
I love you.
I never hurt you on purpose.
I don’t care.
Wanna see my view of Paris?




this was her last concert

rest in peace my beautiful angel 

oh god

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Victoria Loeb (b. 1980, Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Lying Figure, 2007 Mixed Media on Canvas

"Eu não sou feito essa gente
Que ama e de repente
Tchau, e se acabou."

- Vinicius de Moraes  (via segredou)

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More entities, hope you like :)

Armando Bravo

Lou Reed - How Do You Think It Feels?
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  • How Do You Think It Feels?
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"How Do You Think It Feels" by Lou Reed